Limited Warranty

Kent Cartridge warrants its ammunition against defects in materials and workmanship.If the ammunition is found to be defective due to material or workmanship, Kent will replace the defective ammunition at no charge.

If you have a warranty claim, please contact Kent Cartridge Customer Service at 888-311-5368.Our customer service representatives will initiate the claim process and issue a return authorization. All warranty returns must be pre-authorized.

Ammunition which has been damaged due to abuse, misuse, neglect, modifications, reloading, water damage, improper storage or handling, or failure to follow instructions for use will void all warranties. 

Kent Cartridge Instructions for use:

These shells should not be used in guns having Damascus or twist steel barrels.Use only in shotguns in safe mechanical condition with gauge and chamber markings that correspond exactly to this ammunition. Before loading and firing always visually inspect barrel and remove any obstructions, fouling or excessive lubrication. 

IMPORTANT: If the firearm fails to discharge after the trigger has been pulled a delayed firing may occur or subsequently occur upon opening the action. To prevent serious injury, keep the firearm pointed in a safe direction, wait 30 seconds and carefully unload the chambered round avoiding exposure to the breech. If discharge results in unduly light recoil or an off sounding report point the firearm in a safe direction, unload the chamber(s) and/or magazine and visually inspect the barrel for possible obstructions. Always use shooting glasses and hearing protection. Always keep ammunition dry.

Kent Cartridge Steel Shot Warning:

Caution: Potential barrel damage may occur when using steel shot in some guns.  Check with your manufacturer to ensure it is compatible.  If no information exists that can confirm your guns ability to shoot Steel Shot, do not use it.  Steel shot will ricochet.  Do not shoot at hard surfaces, flat surfaces or water.  These shells are designed to be water resistant only.  Nonetheless, do not submerge in water.  Do not use or store in wet condition.  Steel shot may rust under these conditions and become dangerous. 

Kent Cartridge Tungsten (TK7) Warning:

Warning: This ammunition should be used ONLY in firearms barreled and/or equipped with choke tubes specifically designed for enhanced non-toxic shot.

Firearms Safety – 10 Rules of Safe Gun Handling:

What to Do with Ammunition Affected by Flood Waters:


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