Kent Cartridge is renowned for our commitment to innovation and industry-leading ballistics. As proof, we present our latest offering - Fasteel+, a breakthrough in high-performance shotshells for duck and goose hunters. Fasteel+ starts with superior components, including a high-performance base-wad, custom blended double-base powder, the ultra-reliable CX2000 primer, and premium wad.

Then we add a binary load with two layers of precision plated steel in different sizes. Our 2x4 Fasteel+ shells, for example, have a layer of No. 2 precision plated steel shot over an identical payload of No. 4 precision plated steel. Aerodynamically, this allows the smaller shot to draft behind the larger shot and tighten the pattern. In the field, this results in devastating pattern density and uniformity delivered at bone-breaking velocities. As a result, you'll see increased lethality. Put the odds in your favor this season with Fasteel+.

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