HD Casing
Zinc-plated Steel Shot Zinc-plated Steel Shot Zinc-plated Steel Shot
Alliant double-based powders
High-performance base-wad
CX2000 Primer

HD Casing

High density polymer plastic case designed to give easy loading and smooth ejection from a case made specifically for these demanding loads.

Exceptional Quality

We utilize precision ground, zinc-plated steel shot to provide added corrosion protection from the elements while maintaining superior patterns for ultimate performance in all hunting conditions.

Power to Accelerate

Kent uses custom-blended, double-base powders to ensure consistant velocities in all North American weather conditions. We are at the forefront of developing shells with the aim of improving downrange speed and effectiveness without excessive pressures and recoil.


Peak Performance

Our high-performance base-wad optimizes cycling in semi-auto firearms and delivers uniform patterns while maintaining maximum on-target performance while our nickel-plated head resists corrosion.

Primed for Performance

CX2000 Primer is the most consistent and reliable primer available on the market today; we've utilized this primer in Fasteel 2.0 to give the hunter the utmost reliability and confidence in the field.

Pattern Testing Icon

Pattern Testing

Speed and performance are crucial but these are irrelevant if the shell can't deliver consistent, even patterns downrange where it matters.

Within our factory we have a testing facility which is not only crucial in the development of new products but is also used to check all of our shells during manufacturing so we can ensure they deliver the best patterns possible time after time.


Quality Control

We are a supporting member of SAAMI, the Sporting Arms and Ammunition Manufacturers' Institute, which establishes industry guidelines for terminology, performance, interchangeability and safety regarding firearms and ammunition. As a supporting member, our ammunition is produced within SAAMI guidelines and we have stringent quality controls in place to ensure consistency and adherence to these standards. This means you can have complete and total confidence in every aspect of the quality and consistency of our shells.

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